Monday, 22 March 2010

Simply Because...

Todays media landscape is changing dramatically with online publication and blogs growing rapidly. The traditional newspapers and magazines however are experiencing a significant loss in their readership as the same information and content is available online for free.
It is not surprising to us that publishers are now seeking investment opportunities online and try to become more than just a 'publisher or print brand'.
There is Dazed Digital part of the Dazed Group which is a major online destination for the youth culture who are interested in cutting edge and underground music scenes, arts and fashion.

Dazed & Confused, one of our favourite magazines, is still running strongly and the website and magazine compliment each other perfectly. The content of the magazine is not simply repeated online, but additional stories are constantly added. The website is now a stand alone online destination for the young fashion, art and music crowd.

Dazed Group have also recently developed and invested in the online platform from Another Magazine which feature a daily edit of their favourite blogs (AnotherReader), a daily edit of products (AnotherLoves) and a shop with exclusive product lines (AnotherShop).
These websites extend their already existing target audience and create a community around the brand which is so important in today's society.

The Publishers are more and more responding to the demand that people want something different not your stereotypical ad campaigns and magazine format, but something that thinks outside the box, offering projects that are non-traditional.

A recent addition to the online world is BECAUSE by Tank publications. Caroline Issa, co-owner of Tank Publications says about BECAUSE: " We realised where publishing is, realised where the internet is, and BECAUSE is the solution to that."

The tagline of the site is "WE LIKE, YOU BUY" and each week BECAUSE delivers a tightly curated gallery of the best products, from the fields of fashion, beauty, accessories, shoes and jewellery. Furthermore it highlights cultural events like premiers, exhibitions, movies, gigs, workshops and parties. We would describe BECAUSE as a creatively curated online gallery showcasing the best fashion products and cultural happenings. The products are mainly presented in forms of moving image and animation instead of still images which taps into a very strong movement in fashion imagery at the moment where the way forward for online publication is animation and short film.

The team behind BECAUSE aims to bridge the gap between editorial and and shopping, luxury and retail, in short making it as easy as possible for people to get the best products, and when an item isn't available online there is also an option to reserve. A member of the BECAUSE team will then find the nearest stockist and get the item put on hold for the customer within 24 hours. Nice.

We love the fact that we are now able to buy and item that we have spotted in an editorial right there and then. We are also in love with their little animations and short films about their clothes. It is great to see that there are still people out there that try to push the boundaries in a very creative way. It is well worth a visit for everyone.

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