Friday, 5 March 2010

Nowness - be inspired!

We are are bombarded with new messages and products everyday in both the online and the offline worlds. It becomes increasingly harder to filter through the information and be inspired by something that we come across as our attention span shortens dramatically.

Nowness is a new online magazine launched by none other than the LVMH group that aims to overcome this and wants to provide its readers with a little inspiration everyday that will last.

Digital executive vice president Kamel Ouadi, said: " NOWNESS is about carrying a moment in time with you. It sums up a certain feeling when you get a moment of inspiration that lives in your imagination during the day."
And this is just what we believe we need in a time of constant information overload.

It will showcase exclusive daily stories surrounding contemporary arts, fashion and global lifestyle. The site will cover fashion, art, cinema, music, design, travel and global luxury. They promise to do all this in a highly curated and thoughtful way.

Each day, it will publish exclusive multimedia stories curated by an international team of editors such as some of the world’s foremost designers, creatives and thinkers in the luxury industry. Its visitors can enjoy featured work by leading artists such as Wong Kar-Wai, Patti Smith, Lucien Freud, Francesco Vezzoli, Rodarte, Raf Simons, John Galliano for Dior, and Nick Cave. Furhtermore its aim is to be editorially independent, covering brands both in and outside the LVMH group.

Nowness aims to unveil a new world of ideas, delivering exclusive content that will inspire, educate and inform.

We also love the "Love / Don't Love" button that allows users to interact with the content. By doing so Nowness is not only able to assess interests, but through its own technology it can tailor recommended stories to the each individual visitor.

We have noticed this development on various website now which gives even more power to the consumer than before and provides a more interactive environment and content.

Putting inspiration and emotional engagement at the forefront of this site is a great move and provides us with a nice pause from the fast paced lifestyles we all live in. We hope to see a little bit more of these popping up in the future.

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