Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Shopping City...

It was last summer when I first found out that Borders was closing.
Why...I was asking myself?? Surely they made enough profit in that location (Oxford Street).
I didn't just want to accept it at that time and started asking around until someone finally told me that New Look bought the space and with the Oxford Street location, five other locations throughout London.
Oh nooooo not another one, they are taking over the high street, its not that we didn't already have two or three of those around.
Well now it is finally time for the new New Look to open in its brand new location and yes they are bigger and apparently better than before with a whole floor dedicated to their wonderfully cheap footwear and their biggest menswear department yet - WOW.
Oh and the old Starbucks seemed to have survived the move from Borders to New Look.
So what do we have with this new 26,000 square feet of retail space- yet another shopping city that tries to challenge Topshop flagship store just opposite the road. Another retail place that tries to suck the consumer in for the day - brilliant.

And if this wasn't enough, Sir Phillip Green obviously wants to end up on top of it again and promptly bought a 19,000 square feet of retail space right opposite to Harrods.
It is due to open this Easter and promises us, hhhmmmm I wonder what, maybe another mini city that encompasses everything that we apparently still need in our lives.

New Look opens on the 5th of February.

Info taken from here.

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